Recovery+ Features and Specifications


Recovery+ Description

The Recovery+ thermal compression system provides high performance
cool and heat therapy, with or without pneumatic compression therapy.
The Recovery+ also accepts the installation of the DVTherapy pneumatic
compression system.  With the DVTherapy docked into the Recovery+,
the system provides compression therapy that aids in the prevention
of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

The DVTherapy unit may be removed from Recovery+ with a simple,
single-action release button for portable DVT prophylaxis.
This unique feature provides the option to combine the therapies
of the Recovery+ and DVTherapy and allows the DVTherapy to be removed for portable use.   The DVTherapy may be powered by its internal rechargeable battery or while plugged into its dedicated power supply and battery charger.

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Selectable Thermal Therapies

Cool therapy adjustable between 43°F – 50°F
Heat therapy at 105°F
Alternating Cool and Heat therapy between 49°F and 105°F

Selectable Compression Therapies

15 mmHg
50 mmHg
75 mmHg

Available DVT Prevention Therapies (when DVTherapy unit docked)

Foot 120 mmHg, single or bilateral
Calf 50 mmHg, single or bilateral
Sequential Foot 120 mmHg and Calf 50 mmHg, single or bilateral

For all therapies, the foot and calf pressure setpoint may be adjusted through the DVTherapy programming interface:
Foot pressure adjustable between 90 mmHg and 130 mmHg
Calf pressure adjustable between 35 mmHg and 65 mmHg

Key Features
  • Remote control for easy operation of the Recovery+
  • Bright, easy to read OLED Display
  • Realtime temperature and pressure verifications on the display
  • Rugged, easy to grip handle allows easy lifting and transportation of the unit
  • Illuminated fluid reservoir provides easy verification of fluid level
  • Reliable design with easy access to serviceable wear parts.  This minimizes downtime and cost to distributors.
  • The Recovery+ self diagnosis operational and mechanical faults.  The equipment notifies patients via the display screen when common operational mistakes are made (e.g. low fluid in reservoir or pinched wrap lines).  System faults are also displayed which minimizes distributor service calls and provides distributors the ability to make certain repairs.
  • The Recovery+ may be customized so that the main screen displays the distributor name and telephone number.
  • Selectable system fan speeds: Low for quite operation and High for improved cooling performance
Programming and Software Features
  • Simple programming interface allows the Recovery+ to be operated by either manually selected therapy combinations or preprogrammed for a preset therapy combination.
  • Preset therapy settings may saved to an SD card from one Recovery+ and loaded onto other Recovery+ units allowing several machines to be quickly set up to run identical therapy combinations.
  • Software updates are performed using an SD card, eliminating the need to attach the Recovery+ to a PC
Model Name Recovery+
Model Number PS511
Dimensions 6.04”W x 15.72”L x 12.28”H
Weight 19 lbs
Electrical 115 VAC, 60Hz
Hospital Grade power cord
FDA 510(k) listed
Meets ANSI/AAMI 60601 medical safety standard